On tour to Yaroslavl. On tour to Yaroslavl. 120 people: ballet dancers, vocalists, choir and technical workshops - went on tour to Yaroslavl. On the stage of the first Russian theater n.a. F. Volkov within the framework of the III Festival "Aesthetics of Dance" on March 12 and 13 there will be given the rock opera by A. Webber, T. Rice "Jesus Christ - Superstar" and C. Pugni`s ballet Esmeralda... 11 march 2019

Premiere! Premiere! airy tales are not only for children, they are for adults too, especially modern ones. A fairy tale by E. Shashin, N. Kuzminykh "The investigation is lead by the Puss in Boots" (dir. by Nadezhda Repyeva) in the Mari State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet n.a. E. Sapaev ... 9 march 2019

"Theatrical Entrance" about "Traviata". Watch the program "Theatrical Entrance": "La Traviata" by G. Verdi ... 8 march 2019

Our congratulations! Our congratulations! Happy Birthday to the leading ballet dancer Artyom Vedenkin! Keep going!.. 8 march 2019

Congratulations! Congratulations! Dear Ladies! The Mari State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater n.a. E. Sapaev heartily congratulates you on the International Women`s Day!.. 7 march 2019

Theater at the festival Theater at the festival "Theatrical Yoshkar-Ola". From March 20 to March 27, the annual Theatrical Yoshkar-Ola Festival will be held. The Mari State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Eric Sapaev presents to the jury the opera by P. Tchaikovsky "Eugene Onegin" and A. Luppov`s ballet "Forest Legend"... 4 march 2019

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to the People`s Artist of the Republic of Mari El Eva Kovalenko!.. 3 march 2019

"Theater Entrance" in Elvira Guryeva. Watch the new program "Theatrical Entrance" with the soloist of the theater Elvira Guryeva. 1 march 2019

G. Verdi`s G. Verdi`s "La Traviata" in "The Winter Evenings". In the framework of the festival "Winter Evenings" there is staged G. Verdi`s opera "La Traviata". The part of Alfred is performed by the soloist of the New Opera Theater (Moscow) Nurlan Bekmukhambetov... 26 february 2019

Upcoming performances

March 15 «The Trouble from a Tender Heart» at 18:00
Vaudeville in 2 acts

March 17 «The Bremen Town Musicians» at 16:00
Musical in 2 acts

March 20 «The Forest Legend» at 18:00
Ballet in 2 acts