Sozonov Vyacheslav

Honored artist of the Republic of Mari El

He was born on August 29, 1956.
Even in school he got carried away singing and even received prizes at the competitions. But the interest to the exact sciences then took the upper hand. An important role has also been played by the creditable letter, in which praised his exceptional abilities in physics and mathematics.  Vyacheslav became a student of Pedagogical institute (physics and mathematics department).

As the eyes of him came the announcement of the recruitment of the group of solo singing, and he timidly opened the door of the cabinet, where there was a selection. It took, the more he began taking lessons from his first teacher - soloist of the musical theatre of Stanislav Pavlenko. He prophesied him successful theatrical future.

Behind institute and one year of operation of the head of studies in the native school. But the interest to serious music, vocal art took over and led to the Kazan conservatory. Two years of preparatory department, five years of the course and in 1987 he graduated from the conservatory.

In the same year he traveled in the city Sverdlovsk to the fair graduates-vocalists. At the final concert performed the first number, performing for the first time with the orchestra aria of Prince Igor (the latter played a graduate of the Krasnoyarsk conservatory D. Khvorostovsky, became world famous baritone). Sozonov was then offers from Tomsk, Izhevsk, but arrived in his native town.

For years of work in the theater he mastered all repertoires. Clearly manifested talent Sozonov and in the performance of the roles of the classical repertoire: Akpatyr in the opera by E. Sapaev and Aldiar in the opera by E. Arkhipova. He managed to convey the heroic nature, the unity of the spirit, strong, and patriotism of the legendary heroes of the national epos.

Vyacheslav Sozonov has friendly musical family. His wife is well-known in the republic composer E. Arkhipova. The elder son Grigory Arkhipov is young composer, a teacher in the city Yoshkar-Ola Music College, and conductor in the Mari opera and ballet theatre. The younger son Yandiar Sozonov plays the viola in the symphony orchestra of theatre.

«Akpatyr» – Akpatyr
«Aldiar» – Aldiar
«Boris Godunov» – Andrei Shchelkalov
«Carmen» – Escamillo
«Cavalleria rusticana» – Alfio
«Eugene Onegin» – Eugene Onegin
«Faust» – Valentin
«Iolanta» – Ibn-Hakia, Robert
«La Traviata» – Giorgio Germont
«Madama Butterfly» – Sharpless
«Rigoletto» – Rigoletto
«The Beautiful Helen» – Agamemnon
«The tsar’s bride» – Grigory Gryaznoy

«Ball at the Savoy» – Archibald
«Baroness Lili» – Beche
«Charlie’s aunt» – Colonel Francis
«Der Graf von Luxemburg» – The Mayor, The Notary
«Die Bajadere» − Pimprinette
«Die Fledermaus» – Henry Eisenstein, Prince Orlovsky, Duty, Assistant of Duty
«Mariza» – Tassilo
«Mister X» – Mr. X, Notary
«Silva» – Edwin
«The gypsy baron» – Barinkay
«The merry widow» – Count Danilo
«The Tricks of Khanuma» – Mikich
«The Violet of Montmartre» – Marseille
«Trouble from a Tender Heart» – Vasily Petrovich Zolotnikov
«Woman’s revolt» – Ignat Grigorievich

For children:
«As a firefighter Ivan the King rescues» – Sigismund
«Cinderella» − a father of Cinderella
«Dangerous holidays» – American Indian
«Frost & Co» – Robber
«Little red riding hood» – Wolf
«Oh, this tsar Pea» – Groom, Little old man
«The Bremen town musicians» – Robber
«The Treasure of Brazil» – Senor Hameleon

2000 – Honored artist of the Republic of Mari El

Vaudeville "Trouble from a Tender Heart". Vasily Petrovich Zolotnikov - Vyacheslav Sozonov Musical comedy "The Tricks of Khanuma". Mikich Kotryants Operetta "Baroness Lili". Beche Operetta "Der Graf von Luxemburg". Mayor-A.Belyaev, Notary-V.Sozonov,  Secretary-O.Loginov Opera "The Tsar’s Bride". Grigory Gryaznoy Opera "Aldiar". Aldiar - Vyacheslav Sozonov, Tyavi - Galina Mikhalina Opera "Akpatyr". Akpatyr Opera "Iolanta". Robert Opera "Madama Butterfly". Sharpless Operetta "Sylva". Edwin - Vyacheslav Sozonov, Sylva - Galina Mikhalina Operetta "Die Fledermaus". Duty Fairy-tale "Frost and Co". Robber - Vyacheslav Sozonov, Marushka - Svetlana Orekhova Fairy-tale "Dangerous Vacation". American Indian