Opening of the XV festival in honor of Galina Ulanova

Opening of the XV festival in honor of Galina Ulanova

The XV festival in honor of the great Russian ballerina Galina Ulanova has been opened! The first Deputy Minister of Culture, Media and Nationalities Affairs Vladimir Aktayev gave a welcoming speech. He awarded a Diploma of the government of the RME to the soloist-vocalist Alexander Stolbov.

Today they staged the Prokofiev`s ballet "Romeo and Juliet". Tragic and at the same time lyrical music found its continuation in the soloists, classical choreography with smooth sweeping movements were interrupted by angular and intimidating parts. A well-thought light caught either the bright moments of life, or its most terrible depths. The orchestra sounded passionately, then tenderly, love and hate, set by the music, penetrated into every sound of each instrument.

And the true tragedy, even through the funny humor carried the soloists: Juliet (Olga Chelpanova), Romeo (Konstantin Korotkov) , Mercutio (Roman Starikov), Tybalt (Kirill Parshin), Benvolio (Stanislav Alexandrov). Excellent performance, deep feelings...Artists gave the audience not just high skill, but sincere feelings of priceless and unforgettable emotions. The hall lived with them in one breath. Let it be not only tonight but throughout the whole festival!

7 april 2017