The continuation of the festival in honor of Galina Ulanova

The continuation of the festival in honor of Galina Ulanova

The second performance of the festival in honor of the great Russian ballerina Galina Ulanova is over. A. Adam`s "Le Corsaire" is a feast of colour, sound, sets, costumes, complex elements, technical skill of dancers, solo and mass dances and scenes. This is a delightful classical ballet, with its inherent demonstration of all the wonderful capabilities of the company.

Conrad (Artem Vedenkin) and Medora (Olga Chelpanova) merged in the unity of choreography, artistry and love. Birbanto (Kirill Parshin) is the focus of the technique, emotional fire and a truly free flight. Slave (Roman Starikov) conquered the audience with the high craftsmanship of complex elements and youthful mischief inherent in this artist that he always organically brings to the role. Gulnara (Kristina Mikhailova) also showed good performance, sparkling with joy, with great love which she gave to the audience. Slave (Alexander Barachevsky) showed complex techniques and precision of movement. The pirates were not just the corps de ballet, but a single entity, dynamic, energetic, giving movement to many scenes of the play. The mime artists: Pasha (Basil Alpeev), the owner of the Bazaar (Vladimir Shabalin) and the Keeper of the harem (Alexander Samokhvalov) were delightful, eccentric, and obviously loved by the public. The orchestra under the direction of Grigory Arkhipov was in unison with the ballet, he would have breathed life into the characters , revived before us the picture of a beautiful fairy tale.

It really was a wonderful tale, danced; played, remaining there beneath the raging sea - a super-curtain, created by the talented artist Boris Golodnitsky. The Director of the ballet "Le Corsaire", the artistic director of the theater Konstantin Ivanov loves the artists and is proud of the troupe. They are talented and they have only victories before them!

8 april 2017