The festival in full swing

The festival in full swing

The 10th of April. The festival in honor of the great Russian ballerina Galina Ulanova goes on. Today one of the last premieres of theatre - ballet by K. Khachaturian "Chipollino" (production by Genrikh Mayorov).

After all, ballet is a great art: it would seem that it is just a fairy tale by G.Rodari, but the ballet is interesting not only for children. It is joyful, festive and bright! Complex, distinctive choreography, even the corps de ballet. Gorgeous decoration (Boris golodnitsky). Wonderful music, expertly performed by the orchestra under the direction of Grigory Arkhipov. The enthusiasm of the actors, "casting" in the hall their sincere emotions. And the eyes of the audience smile ... smiles adorn their faces, they begin to clap to fouettes the ballerina, then the dance on the spot, and leave singing the melodies of the ballet, taking with them wonderful theatrical moments of happiness.

It is this happiness that the theatre lives! Thank you to the artists, producers and everybody who creates a feast for the viewers!

9 april 2017