The closing of the festival -

The closing of the festival - "Spartacus - Triumph of Rome"

The closing of the XV festival in honor of the great Russian ballerina Galina Ulanova was monumental! "Spartacus" is the best ballet by the composer Khachaturian. The great Roman Empire comes to life on stage. And its power was the power of Crassus (Artem Vedenkin). The soloist, whose characteristic is wholly created images. In character roles he is gorgeous! And these characters can be diverse: Count Cherry in "Chipollino" or Crassus in "Spartacus". His highness is the embodiment of arrogance, lust, power. And this is evident in everything: the way he goes, just holding hands on the handrails, the way his chest rises when he watches from the balcony on what is happening. It is a man in the vital sense of the word!

His wife Aegina (Olga Chelpanova) is overbearing, arrogant, alluring. Every motion of her is accurate and verified, she is the mistress of her life.

Spartacus, on the contrary, is pure, noble, passionate. Performed by Konstantin Korotkov he is not an experienced slave who managed to raise many to fight, but he is a passionate young man, the flame of his soul inspired the masses!

His wife Phrygia (Svetlana Sergeeva) is a thin, delicate and timid, with her beautiful, flexible like the wings of a swan, arms she tries to embrace and protect Spartacus, but the fragility and love is all that she has.

Jumps and supports characterize the style of the ballet "Spartacus" (staged by Konstantin Ivanov), the choreography clearly reflected the music by Khachaturian, uneven, different, reverent and tender, sharp. The choreography of the crowd scenes, whether it is a ball of patricians or military action, is oppressive and frightening. Imperial power, the monumentality and scale is in everything. And even in the final, the winning army of Crassus in silence (in slow motion) goes on and on, and the feeling that it will go on forever.

The orchestra (conductor Grigory Arkhipov) today was especially fine in solos, lyrical passages, and sounded great in the solemn and tragic moments.

On that note, at this peak, the festival closed! And after this festival we just look forward to seeing what it will present us next time?

14 april 2017