Magic of violin and guitar

Magic of violin and guitar

How to catch and fix in letters magic sound of strings, flooding today the stage and auditorium of the Opera and Ballet Theatre?! Over two hours people lived centuries, experienced every conceivable emotion and their unprecedented colors. All colors of the rainbow and wonderful cosmic paints were born under the talented and tremulous fingers of the young musi State Philharmonic was not just a magnificent accompaniment, but a rare complex instrument, combining the ringing and weeping violin, tender and calling violas, singing and talkative cello and dimensional and deep sound of the bass. The conductor Sergey Grigoriev was also an instrument, plastic and fluid, persistent and solemn. And the music was born pouring into the hall, filling the minds of the audience and taking them to the place where life dissolves, and rest only the sounds, divine and lovely, created in the heavens.

Unforgettable, pinching soul joy of meeting and sorrow of parting, emotions, reigned today at the concert "Magic of the Guarneri violin and guitar"!..

And let our viewers once again be lucky to hear these unearthly beauty, sounds, the music of the spheres!

17 april 2017