"Die Fledermaus" in "The Winter Evenings."

The XXIII Opera and Ballet Festival "Winter Evenings" at the Opera and Ballet Theatre. Johann Strauss` operetta "Die Fledermaus"! The part of Henry Eisenstein is performed by Oleg Shagotski (Moscow Theatre "New Opera n.a. E. V. Kolobov"). Thank you for participating in the festival! "Die Fledermaus" is one of the most unsurpassed creations of not only the author, but one of the most amazing operettas. It remains the favorite piece of music of its genre. The charm of its joyful melodies, their fun dance captivate your festive playful, and subtle humor and delicate irony, masterful in the storyline, inspire and connect purely melodramatic and comedic styles. The music of this operetta is distinguished by a special atmosphere of joy, anticipation of the holiday, expectations of new emotions…Today the house is full. Festive mood, actors` sparkling from the stage infects, famous melodies captivate!

8 december 2018