“Eugene Onegin”, an opera by P. Tchaikovsky, long and firmly included in the repertoire of all musical theaters as a masterpiece, gives an unprecedented space for reflection and creativity. The Mari State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Eric Sapaev opened it unexpectedly and powerfully (director Nadezhda Repyeva). It was not just an opera about unfulfilled dreams and desires, it reached the level of the tragedy of the death of feelings, man, kind, civilization! Placed in the ruins of ancient sculpture and architecture (artist Vladimir Korolev), where the heads of the ancient caryatids became benches and tables, the opera sounded differently. And the first duet of Larina and the nanny that the feelings will pass, and the woman will get used is a verdict to all living and quivering, which will harden in the stone of life. And the chorus "Maidens, Beauties ..." is no longer the song of the peasant women, but a forerunner of misfortunes and a certain sacrament - "Do not go and spy on our maiden games." And Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, wandering among the frozen characters - white statues (costume designer Tatyana Izycheva), squeaking his novel in verse, as the viewer sees this dying. The achromatic design creates the illusion of a long gone past, but the main characters are different in color, although it is extremely restrained - they are still alive, but this will not always be the case ...
And the party created as something non-classical. They are a clear contrast with the usual opera productions and additional meanings! Tatiana (Elvira Gurieva) is not just a romantic and loving young lady, she was initially “strung together” on the hard life core, which becomes her tragedy (and not the rules of decency) when she rejects Onegin`s love in the final. Onegin (Alexander Shaypak) is not just a cold and contemptuous young man. Passions burn in him from the beginning, which he knows how to control by a rigid effort of will up to a certain moment. Lensky (Alexander Stolbov) is not just a romantic poet, he is a man who clearly sees the realities of being, trying to clothe this unattractive materiality into a halo of high feelings. Olga (Lyubov Dobrynina) - yes, she is a jerk, but she is immersed in life, she specifically provokes Lensky, because it is important for her to feel her power over him.
The orchestra (conducted by Grigori Arkhipov), the choir (choirmaster Olga Zhilinskaya) - harmony and perfection - the counterpoint of the everyday routine and stupidity.
And slowly floating clouds, falling snow, indifferent chandeliers at the ball and guests-statues are watching the death on the scale of the planet.
We do not appreciate life ... Its most important moments, its best achievements, the most beautiful feelings we tread and all our life we regret ...

22 december 2018