The festival opened with a premiere!

The festival opened with a premiere!

Today, on April 23, the XVII festival opened in honor of the ballerina Galina Ulanova with the play “Raymonda”, in which the great ballerina herself shone. This premiere was a huge event for the Mari State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Eric Sapaev and for the republic. Not every large theater can afford such a big ballet, but Mari El is a theater territory, a space where the theater is not just loved, but honored and appreciated. And the Opera and Ballet Theater always makes creations that delight and amaze the audience."Raymonda" by A. Glazunov dazzled today at the theater in all its glory! The beauty and complexity of choreography (choreographer Konstantin Ivanov), the splendor of scenery, costumes and light (artist Vladimir Korolev), rare in beauty and harmony music (conducted by Gregory Arkhipov). The medieval history came alive before us, in one breath danced by the soloists of the theater Ekaterina Baybayeva (Raimonda), Alexander Petrov (Jean de Brienne), Artem Vasiliev (Abderakhman). Comparing dance suites, the characters evolved. The most seemingly imperceptible movements, performed by the artists with incredible precision, turned into major ascents, jumps and spins, which gave rise to the volumetric inner world of each character. A rich musical score where the intonations and rhythms of Slavic, Hungarian, oriental dances sounded, she herself asked to be expressed through plastic, and the ballet dancers created a musical and choreographic extravaganza. This effect was enhanced by large-scale scenography inspired by the works of modernists: L. Bakst, A. Golovin, A. Benoit. The staging is impressive in everything. On the stage there is really a medieval castle, which receives a huge number of guests. There dabced pupils and students of the department “Choreographic Art” of the College of Culture and Arts named after I.S. Palantay at “Lyceum Baumansky”. The State Dance Ensemble “Mari El” (artistic director Slavik Asmaev) is invited to participate.
Head of the Republic of Mari El Alexander Alexandrovich Evstifeev congratulated the troupe on the premiere, said many warm words and presented flowers. Ballet has become a celebration of dance! Bright holiday of happiness, harmony and joy!

23 april 2019