Awarding the winners of the prize

Awarding the winners of the prize "Soul of Dance" of the magazine "Ballet".

Our news line has already informed you, dear viewers, that the premiere ballet dancer Konstantin Korotkov was awarded the prize of the Ballet magazine "Soul of Dance" in the Star nomination. On April 30, the winners were awarded in Moscow. At the ceremony, Olga Chelpanova and Konstantin Korotkov brilliantly performed Pas de deux from the ballet by C. Pugni "Esmeralda". Congratulations again to the artist! Over the years, the prize "Soul of Dance" has become a symbol of Russian choreography. Since the founding of the prize in 1994, this prestigious award in various nominations was proudly received by the leading cultural figures, because it is awarded to professionals by professionals. Prima ballet dancer Olga Chelpanova was awarded in the nomination "Star", and artistic director of the theater Konstantin Ivanov - nomination "Knight of the Dance". The prize "Soul of Dance", established by the magazine "Ballet" in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, for 25 years continues to be the only national award awarded annually for achievements in the development of national choreographic art.


1 may 2019